Martlesham Heath Commemorative Window
Martlesham Heath Air Force Base

St Michael's and All Angels is a modern, spacious building serving a large residential community on the site of what was, from 1917 to 1963, a strategically important airbase of the R.A.F.

Early in 1999 I was contacted by members of the Martlesham Heath Aviation Society who, knowing of my work for the 2nd Air Division, wanted to create a memorial window that would acknowledge the site's historical association with the R.A.F.

Given its prominent position at the very front of the prinicpal point of worship in the church, part of the design brief required the work to be kept self-contained.

It was decided to keep the principal focus of the design centred around the 3 crests of the Royal Flying Corps, the Royal Air Force, the 356th Fighter Group of the U.S.A.A.F. and the station badge of Martlesham Heath.

Each of these crests would represent in heraldic form an historical period in the life of Martlesham Heath from its earliest beginnings to final closure.

Finally, aircraft particularly associated with each period were chosen by the members of the Society as visible images of its history and development.

A dedication ceremony was held in September 2000, attended by veterans of the 365th USAF Fighter Group and representatives of the Royal Air Force who served at the base.

Click here for detailed images of the window, and scenes from the dedication.