St. Peter's Church, THE DESIGN


The artist chose for the starting point of his design the centuries old motif of the Rose Window. This was then made to expand outward as it were to create a freer modern layout with a sense of its own outward movement. This more abstract treatment of a traditional design whilst paying regard to ecclesiastical practice, permit's the present congregation of the church to imaginatively associate the work with personal values of their own.

Visually the stained glass symbolises the cycle of human life, whether one wishes to conceive of the passage of time as a recurring cycle as in nature or as being progressive as in the accumulation of human history.

The design can be appreciated from a number of points and angles. It can be enjoyed as one likes from either side to side or top to bottom. This allows the eye the freedom to move at will and in so doing counteract any sense of constriction felt on account of the window's relatively small scale.