© 1996 – 2010
Karim Yasamee

The background to my design work is figurative life-drawing; It is where I get my sense of proportion and scale and it undoubtedly influences how I apply glass paint.

My approach to drawing up to now has been linear and sculptural. I use pencil and hard charcoal to give strong lines; and to crosshatch.

For me, the use of crosshatching disciplines the eye into seeing areas of light and shade as points where planes meet and intersect.

All my drawings are work in progress, though of course there is always the hope at the back of my mind that I'II produce something that has that rare quality of a finished work of art; I live in hope.

Because of this I allow myself the use of an eraser only where I have seriously misjudged the position of a line.

The models after whom I aspire are the obvious ones of Michelangelo, Leonardo, Raphael, Durer and others of the Renaissance.